Lutuin recipes by category

Lutuin is the website for you if you want to cook because:

  • Nobody else in your home knows how to cook.
  • Nobody else in your home wants to cook. Ever!
  • You need a personal system that can quickly let you go back to work, a game you are playing, a gadget you are tinkering with, Facebook, or anythng you enjoy more than cooking in the kitchen.
  • You feel there isn't a place that serves exactly the meal you and your family want to eat right now.
  • It is a lot cheaper to eat at home.
  • The car broke down and you only want to go anywhere on your own vehicle.
  • You just don't feel like going out of the house right now. It may be rainy outside, or you don't want to deal with the traffic right now.
  • Your kids don't feel like going out of the house right now.
  • Your teenage kids don't want to go with Mom and Dad anymore.
  • You want their kids to eat healthier food.
  • A family member is sick and needs caring with some healthy food.
  • The whole family needs to stay home so the kids can focus on studying instead of malling.