How to Ensure the Yumminess of Your Meat Ingredients

For a few years, I found it most challenging to cook pork and chicken. I could not get the same yumminess of the pork or chicken that I got from my mother's or my grandmother's cooking. And I wasn't surprised when my kids eat less of the meat and eat more rice and "sabaw". Even on days when I meticuluosly adjust for the right taste they still eat less or simply just put left over meat on the sides of their plates. So I wonder why but I already suspected that it is the taste that I am not getting.

Gradually, I learned through observing myself on what I do with the pork or chicken from the time that I get them out of the fridge to cook. I realized that my failure to clean the chicken, pork or beef thoroughly sets up the resulting taste and quality of the recipe.

I found that cleaning the pork and the chicken thoroughly, whether I bought it frozen or not, has the most impact in the quality and taste of the recipe.

Below are my personal recommendations to guarantee the yumminess of the chicken, pork, beef, etc. in your recipe.

  • Take the frozen meat out of the freezer 4 hours before your scheduled cooking time. Put the meat into a clean bowl halfway filled with room temparature water.
  • Do not leave the thawed meat more than 4 hours out of the freezer. Put it back in the freezer the moment you foresee some reason you are going to postpone cooking that meat. Maybe you and your family wants to order pizza for lunch instead. Whatever it is, chances are, you are likely to postpone cooking that meat. If you failed to refreeze it you might as well cook it.
  • Clean the meat already if it has thawed completely in less than 4 hours. You can read my recommendation on how to clean your thawed meat ingredients is here.
  • Do your best to thaw the meat naturally instead of using your microwave's defrost or thaw feature.
  • Coming home from shopping, if the meat is not part of your day's recipe, clean it first before putting it into the freezer is optional. Just make sure you follow the above recommendations for meat you are bringing out of the freezer. My recommendation on how to clean unfrozen fresh meat is the same as with frozen-and-then-thawed meat.