Lutuin is a website that you use on a smartphone, tablet, or PC, to guide you during cook time in the kitchen or buying recipe ingredients at the grocery store. It does that by providing you with a standard list of ingredients, a grocery list, cooking procedure, a set of cooking ingredient pictures (ingredients list), and a set of raw ingredient pictures (grocery list).

I created this website because whenever I am about to cook something I am either missing an important ingredient or I am adding an ingredient that doesn't belong to the mix. For instance, up to this day I cannot tell the difference between ampalaya leaves and chili leaves. Sometimes I even buy ampalaya leaves when planning to cook Chicken Tinola. And, I still think that every recipe requires garlic in it. For that reason I always find the need to check whether garlic is an ingredient of Chicken Afritada or not.

Funny isn't it? In fact, I care less about recipes and their ingredients than the act of cooking itself. So, now you know I am not a food expert at all. However, I am aspiring to be an expert in hacking my own lifestyle.

The Mission Statement

I published my own personal recipe guide publicly online because I am hoping that it may help somebody else who needs something like it. It doesn't matter to me if it's a big help or a little help. If you use it and feel happy about it please share it with others. If for any reason you are not happy about it please share it anyway because you never know how anything will affect others positively including this.

A Brief History

Back in 2007, I found myself working for so many hours all day long with so little time to think about spending the time to prepare my own dinner. So whenever I got hungry, I just go out of the house and eat at the nearest favorite fast food place I like or call them to delivery food. It was great until I realized that sometimes my dinner time was past 10 pm when the nearest places I want to go to are already closed. I also noticed that ordering food takes up a lot of garbage here at home. The worst thing was frequently having stomach upsets after eating my favorite fast food.

So I asked my sister how to cook this and that. The problem was I didn't like cooking that much. Maybe because I usually tend to burn whatever I try to cook. So I got back to the old habit but this time I tried to order for food or just go out the house before 9 o'clock in the evening. Eventually I got sick of the same trouble trying to keep up with time, keeping the house clean, and staying away from the bathroom.

I finally decided I would cook my favorite meals my mother used to cook for me and my sister. The places I go to don't have them anyway and those are what I really love to eat. Also, I found out that as long as I don't burn my food I got the taste that's right for me. Sometimes I find the time to do the one hour travel to the mall so that I can eat at a nice restaurant that serves Pork Sinigang. The problem? I often felt embarrased when they give me two sets of a plate and utensils. That's because I seldom order for the single serving size. In short, the servings of food per order is either too little or to much. I just couldn't find the exact serving size that would satisfy my craving for the perfect meal for myself.

But hey, do you know what I discovered through all that frustration? I discovered that there is a place where I get the right amount of dinner serving I want whenever I want and the food there does not cause my stomach to hurt every once in a while. You know where that place is? Home. This home where I live. That's right. As time went by, I realized that the more I cooked my own meals, the better I became better at it.

It has been 8 years now that I've been cooking at home. It didn't matter if I was working at home or out in the office. I brought my lunch to the office as often that I can and went home as early as I could to cook dinner.

Not only did I get rid of stomach problems I also got rid of my asthma attacks without even knowing it. Well, it's not just the cooking. It is also about having the control over what kind of food gets on the dining table. Through cooking for myself and my kids, I simply have the opportunity to decide that I can actually avoid the food that I've observed are not doing me any good. Unlike eating out somewhere, I don't even care about what goes into the food I ordered. When I am out there all I care about is getting my stomach full.

If you think or feel that eating food other people prepared for you is causing you more problems than it is satisfying your simple need for a sumptuous meal then maybe you should try cooking for yourself and your family as well. You don't really have to put too much effort on it. But as time goes by, I'm sure you'll appreciate your own cooking too. You will be so thrilled you cooked it yourself not only with clean hands but also with a self, and family, loving heart. Repeat that everday and you'll definitely see the difference.

To be honest, I still order food and have dinner with my kids at the malls from time to time. And yes, when I do that, it still causes the accumulation of garbage and sends me to take short untimely breaks from work. So, probably, the biggest reason I built this site is to eliminate more steps I must take before I am actually cooking. Not having to Google for the information first, then selecting which one, then texting myself the ingredients or watch a video are steps this tool eliminates to stop me from picking up the phone and order food to be delivered.